An EPIC History of the Poultry Industry

The Egg and Poultry Industry Conference is now celebrating over 50 years. This section looks back at the history of the entire Poultry Industry.

Compiled, researched and edited by Howard Birley & Stephen Lister

There are a number of people to thank for their help and guidance in compiling this Timeline. Special thanks go particularly to my friend, colleague and co-author Stephen Lister, without whose help this book would never have reached the stage of publication.

I would also like to acknowledge the help and support of the EPIC organising committee, in particular: Aaron Patel, Andrew Joret, Derek Kelly, John Cessford, Stephen Povey and Jim Hunnable. Other significant contributions came from: John Farrant, Dr David Charles, Josie Arman, Steve Faulkner and Adam North.

I am indebted to Alan and Julie Kiteley of Lockwood Lithographics for their advice and printing of the finished book, not to mention their patience when dealing with someone who does not understand the requirements of printing such a document.

Following the conference in November 2016 the information and images used to compile this timeline have been uploaded to the EPIC website. The timeline will grow as new information is added and will be updated on a regular basis. It is hoped that it will become a living document and a resource for people in the industry to use in future years.

Howard Birley

EPIC Poultry History Book - 50th Anniversary Edition 2016

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If you have any memories of key moments we have missed, or any errors in the details we have included, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With your help we can get get this section as clear, concise and accurate as possible.

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