What next?

The rest is history! More details and significant milestones can be found in the following pages. This timeline is not intended to be an exhaustive list of facts but hopes to give a flavour of our industry over the last 50 years. Any errors or omissions are the fault of failing memories and an industry devoted to moving forward rather than always accurately recording past developments!

The intention is to maintain this as a living document with regular updates uploaded to the EPIC website as history unfolds or new information comes to light.


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  • 1834 John May & William Gerrard Baker establish May & Baker based in London
  • 1865 Cargill is formed in the US
  • 1874 The Fanciers Gazette launched (right)
  • 1876 Colonel Eli Lilly establishes Eli Lilly & Company in Indianapolis (right)
  • 1889 Poultry Farmer launched
  • 1893 R&W Paul Ltd incorporated
  • 1894 The term Blackhead is first used
  • 1890s First serious attempts at breeding for performance
  • 1898 George Frampton starts Frampton’s Eggs in Street, Somerset (right)
  • 1897 Merieux establishes the Merieux Biological Institute in Lyon, France
  • 1899 The British Oil & Cake Mills Ltd are incorporated (BOCM) (below)
  • 1899 Pullorum Disease first recognised

Colonel Eli Lilly

Early edition of Fanciers Gazette

Frampton Egg Packers

British Oil and Cake Mills

Frampton Eggs – Street Somerset