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Who We Are

Livetec Systems are leaders in biosecurity across the agriculture sector in the United Kingdom. The foundation of the company is built on:

  • Support of evidence-based knowledge
  • Farmer wellbeing
  • Protection of healthy livestock
  • Partnerships and relationship building
  • Sustainability and responsible actions
  • Reliability, friendliness and professionalism
  • An understanding of the wider issues
  • Using updated scientific data

The organisation formed in 2010 to safeguard your livestock’s welfare, protect your business and reduce the risk of disease.

Livetec has developed innovative processes and training solutions and also offer APHA compliant Contingency Plans to meet all your operational needs and regulatory requirements.

Livetec Systems operations is renowned for responding to disease outbreaks and emergencies on-farm. The company also contributes to consultancy services in areas which involve cleansing and disinfection, legislation and best practice guidelines.

Livetec Background

Useful Links & Resources

What is biosecurity? | Farm Biosecurity | Disease Prevention | Farming Explainer Video

Biosecurity is the act of protecting yourself, your animals and livelihood from infectious diseases, like avian influenza, also known as bird flu. Livetec Systems is building the future of biosecurity with bespoke, evidence-based support and advice to protect livestock and livelihoods.

Watch the ‘What is Biosecurity’ video here.

The Livetec NEX®

The Livetec NEX is a unique tool for dispatching individual birds on-farm in a humane way. It is fully compliant with The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (WATOK) Regulations and approved by Red Tractor and EU 1099/2009.

The hand-held device ensures a simple and reliable process in neck dislocation, which can be used on a range of poultry up to 5kg including breeders, layers, broilers, ducks and large birds.

Watch the Livetec NEX video here.

The Livetec Systems App

Recently launched and designed, the Livetec Systems App gives you instant access to important information that farmers and bird keepers should know to protect their birds through real-time avian influenza outbreak notifications.

It is available for free on all app stores.

app store
google play

With the Livetec Systems app you can:

  • Add properties and livestock units
  • Receive avian influenza outbreak notifications
  • View the national avian influenza outbreak status
  • Find out if you are in a Protection or Surveillance Zone
  • Be notified on how to take action if you end up in a zone
  • Report a suspected outbreak of avian influenza

Read more on the Livetec Systems website.

Biosecurity Advisory Service

The Livetec Biosecurity Advisory Service – your key to safeguarding your valuable livestock. Our team of expert biosecurity specialists will personally visit your farm for an in-depth advisory session.
They will assess your current measures, identify areas for immediate improvement, and provide a comprehensive biosecurity assessment report, complete with findings, recommendations, and farm mapping. Trust the professionals to protect your livestock.

Read more on the Livetec Systems website.

Livetec Systems - Biosecurity Advisory Service
Livetec Systems - Biosecurity and Contingency Planning
Livetec Systems - Biosecurity and Contingency Planning

Biosecurity and Contingency Planning

Livetec Systems is the leading partner for genuine biosecurity services in the UK. Our Contingency plan package includes a bespoke Biosecurity Plan, a tailored Emergency Response Plan, Cleaning and Disinfection Workbook, and the National Outbreak Plan.

Our Biosecurity Plan includes all necessary practices and protocols that must be followed on and off the premises, to prevent deadly pathogens from entering. This bespoke plan includes a full biosecurity overview, outlines plans to manage pest incursion and a breakdown of compliance schemes from regulatory bodies like Red Tractor and Lion Code.

The Emergency Response Plan enables you to be fully prepared in the event of a confirmed outbreak, in readiness for APHA, who will be on your premises and will require extensive information. Our tailored plan consolidates all the essential data in one place, reducing your stress and facilitating a smoother process. By compiling the information you will save valuable time, money, and be able to provide key information specific to your farm business more clearly and concisely.

The National Outbreak Plan is detailed with necessary information on managing a disease outbreak, licensing issues or restricted zones such as an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ). It is a handbook which is simple to follow and saves time in urgent situations. The National Outbreak Plan can be purchased here.

Cleaning and Disinfection workbook is a framework complying with APHA regulations on taking the necessary steps to resume operation after a disease outbreak. The plan includes: a guide on cleaning and disinfecting the premises, cleaning equipment guidelines and an acronym of critical terms.

Read more on the Livetec Systems website.

The Farm Health Guardian (FHG)

Farm Health Guardian (FHG) is distributed by Livetec Systems. FHG is a biosecurity management that records the movement of trucks and people on and off farm properties. This leads to rapid contact tracing should a disease outbreak occur.

FHG is an invaluable and inexpensive tool which can be downloaded onto your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) and helps to enhance biosecurity measures on premises.

Watch the The Farm Health Guardian (FHG) video here.

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