Louise Manning is Professor of Sustainable Agri-food Systems at the Lincoln Institute for Agri-food Technology, University of Lincoln.

Louise has worked for over 35 years undertaking consultancy and research to inform policy, business productivity and efficiency and personal development in the agri-food sector. Her research and consultancy expertise lies in the areas of food security, sustainability, resilience and food integrity.

Louise brings a strong background in developing professional development programmes and executive education, applied research, and promoting innovation.

She has published over 125 peer-reviewed papers and also written and edited multiple books and book chapters. Her recent work focuses specifically on traceability, transparency, ethical use of data and the increasing digitisation of food supply chains.

Louise is also involved in the grass-based family farming business in Herefordshire, UK where the main enterprises are calf rearing, extensive sheep, and broiler meat production. The farm has been involved with multiple government environmental schemes over the last twenty years to support the transition to sustainable food production and biodiversity restoration.