Sam started full time employment in the turkey industry in 2005 with Aviagen turkeys Ltd. Previous to this, he had a part time job as a weekend egg collector. He initially started as a general farm labourer, where he gained responsibility for on farm pedigree flocks and achieved level 2 and 3 work based diplomas.

As a result of his work on the farm and diploma, he was given the opportunity to become a management trainee in 2011. This was a 2 year traineeship which saw him visiting all aspects of Aviagen turkeys Ltd including the hatchery, customer support, the rearing of breeder replacements, breeder laying and research and development. He was fortunate to spend a prolonged period of time at each of these, including managing a breeder lay and pedigree rear farm. This allowed him to gain both important practical skills and a greater understanding of the overall industry.

At the conclusion of the programme he was promoted to GP farms manager in 2013. In this position he was responsible for both the rearing and laying of Aviagen Turkeys Ltd GP stock.

In 2013 he enrolled on the HNC in Poultry Production at SRUC. This was a two year course at the conclusion of which he achieved a distinction.

As a result of his work at SRUC and Aviagen Sam was nominated for the 2014 “Zeotis BPC trainee of the year award” which he was fortunate enough to win.

In 2018 he took over additional responsibility for the Pedigree lay farms taking his overall responsibility 14 farms and 90FTE.

Sam also sits on the technical advice committee for the Red Tractor turkey standards.