Ilias Kyriazakis is the Professor of Animal and Veterinary Science at the Institute for Global Food Security of Queen’s University Belfast.

He is a veterinarian by training who specialises in the effects of animal management on livestock performance, their ability to cope with challenges, such as pathogens, and their environmental impact.

He has worked with a variety of animal species ranging from mice to cows, but more recently his research has focused on pigs and poultry. His recent work in poultry addresses: 1) the effect on nutrition on the ability of birds to cope with pathogens, such as coccidia; 2) the use of alternative and home-grown feeds in poultry systems and 3) the development of methods to assess the environmental impact of local and global poultry systems.

His team was responsible for the assessment of the environmental impacts of the UK poultry systems and the identification of hotspots responsible for such impacts.

More recently he was a co-author of the Centre for Innovation Excellence report on Net Zero Carbon and UK Livestock. Professor Kyriazakis is the recipient of several awards, including the Leroy Award by European Federation of Animal Sciences (EAAP) for International Excellence in Animal Science, and Fellow of national and International bodies.