The man you can’t keep out of your mind

“Not only are you the best at what you do (and I still don’t know how you do it) but also have great wit which can always disarm the most critical audience.” – Mike Turnball, Abbott Mead Vickers

You can’t call Graham P Jolley just a mind-reader because he is much more than that. It’s not just what Graham does but how he presents it with a razor-sharp wit that audiences love. His act consists of quite staggering mind-reading feats and superb demonstrations of psychological experiments. He is quick-witted, amusing, friendly, debonair, relaxed, expert and, above all, totally professional. His astonishing demonstrations are guaranteed to keep even the most talkative salesman silent in total amazement. His act transcends cultures and he has performed successfully all over the world.

His performance is uncanny, baffling, and bewildering, guests are stunned by the floating table, remote viewing, snooker ball experiment, mind-reading by phone, telephone book prediction, glass shattering and his dream holiday prediction.

Graham’s act is particularly appealing for the enthusiastic way that audiences want to join in; his new Time Presentation to celebrate the millennium is equally mind-blowing. He has appeared on television, most notably on Wogan, at the Hollywood Magic Castle, in theatres, nightclubs, and on board the Q.E.2.

“The reaction to the entertainment you provided was quite incredible. People still haven’t stopped talking about the act!” Martin Pickering, Man Volkswagen
“Your performance was outstanding – one of the finest I have ever seen.” Richard Smith, Volvo
“I am still in awe of how you manage to achieve your phenomenal experiments whilst entertaining with humour and wit.” Chris Donovan, ICI
“I had tremendous fun watching our Partners frantically trying to fathom out how you managed to read their minds.” Tina Cobbe, Freshfields
“Graham was able to gauge the group immediately and establish a rapport through his humour, presence and skills.” Colin R Anderson, Unilever
“Your performance at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce was a tours de force. I look forward to seeing you again and again – you never tire of a class act.” 
Bob Warman, The Warman Group
“It was a pleasure to work with you. Your preparation and planning was meticulous and by far the most professional that I have come across from any entertainer the we have previously used.” 
Stephen Flynn, Cornhill Insurance plc
“It was the first occasion we had invited an external speaker and there is absolutely no doubt that the evening was an outstanding success as a result of your involvement.”
Graham Affleck, Scottish Equitable
“I know I am speaking on behalf of all our quests when I say your act was fantastic. It is always nice to get two for the price of one – a comedian and a mindreader. I would have no hesitation in recommending you.” 
Neal A Bridges, Schroders
“Your performance was spectacular.” Marjorie Scardino, Pearson plc
“You were wonderful and people were talking about you and your act long after you left so thank you for helping our event to be such a huge success – it was just the ice breaker we needed.” Patti Rain-Wiffin, Director Global HR, Alfresco 2016