Professor Frédéric Leroy graduated as a Bioengineer (Ghent University, 1998) and obtained a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2002, where he now holds a professorship in food science and (bio)technology.

His research deals with bacterial communities in (fermented) foods, human and animal health, food studies, and ‘food traditions’.

He is a member of academic non-profit societies, such as the Belgian Association of Meat Science and Technology (BAMST, president), Belgian Society for Food Microbiology (BSFM, secretary), and Belgian Nutrition Society (BNS).

On a non-remunerated basis, he serves on the Scientific Board of the World Farmers Organization (WFO) and Danone Institute Belgium. Leroy is the founder and administrator of the ALEPH2020 website (, regrouping 40+ experts and providing evidence-based information on the role of animal source foods in ethical, sustainable, and healthy diets.

Find Frédéric on Twitter @fleroy1974