General Manager for Breeders and Hatcheries at Avara Foods.

His first experience in the poultry industry was in 1990, he had a summer job in the packing department of our turkey factory in Driffield which is now a housing estate.

The factory closed after Christmas in 1991 and he then found work on the local turkey farms and so that helped support him through his education working holidays and weekends. He left University with no debt but no idea what he wanted to do and so he took a job on Turkey Breeders collecting eggs in June 1996 to give himself some time to work out what he wanted out of his career.

He is now the General Manager for Breeders and Hatcheries at Avara Foods we hatch 4.3M chicks a week and have 100 rearing and laying farms. He has in his career held General Manager positions in Faccenda looking after the Agriculture operation in Turkey and Duck before joining the chicken team and heading up the Agriculture operation supplying Brackley factory.

He is a member of the Red Tractor Poultry Board.