Chris Wright – Head of UK Broilers, Applied Group UK

Chris started off in Broilers back when he was 6 years old, being introduced into the industry in which he hade come to love by his grandad.

Growing up with the birds, he saw how they have developed and started to learn more about the genetics and the many aspects you need to know to grow a healthy antibiotic free chicken.

He became an Assistant Farm Manager at 18 and after 5 years, took a leap to run a 350k bird site. With 8 high standard modern sheds, he put into practice both modern and old techniques.

In his 1st year he was awarded ‘Best Contract Grower’ for Moy Park in which he won back to back years.

In the last 2 years of managing this farm he had 13 400+ EPEF results with 9 being consecutive and achieving an average FCR of a 1.49. With his new role as Head of UK Broiler’s for Applied giving him another chance to develop and learn more on a bigger scale; looking after just over 10 million birds a year.