Chris is a farmer based in North Yorkshire specialising in free range layers and arable. Chris is part of a family enterprise who have been involved in farming for the past 5 generations. The introduction of free range layers in 2010 was a turning point for the business, bringing a new diverse, modern approach to the existing farm structure. The laying sheds are all custom designed to ensure the farm’s high standards are achieved and good production is maintained. Bio-security and bird welfare are at the heart of what they do, while attention to detail and efficiency are the key dependencies which have drove the business forward. The introduction of wind turbines has offset a large proportion of the farm’s energy requirements, while a shift to on-farm milling utilising the arable enterprise has enhanced production and reduced feed consumption. The synergy between the high output arable enterprise and the poultry has become even more valuable in the current business climate, allowing the business to become more self-sustaining, a journey the business will continue on. Chris has always been a keen farmer from a young age, starting with model tractors and livestock on the carpet progressing to actual tractors and chickens. Chris’ passion and determination for farming is what continues to make the family enterprise a success.

Outside of farming Chris enjoys shooting and is an avid skier, attending ‘poultry on the piste’ several times. Chris has previously Chaired his local young farmers club, Catterick YFC.